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Courtney Love Bikini Pictures

Monday, April 25th, 2011
Courtney Love Bikini Pictures Courtney Love Bikini Pictures

Hello all of my wonderful CBG babies!!!! I’ve missed you so very much. It’s Jenny Bikini ready to grace you with awesome photos of your favorite celebrities in bikinis!!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Well, let’s get started with a few pictures of your favorite female rocker girl – Courtney Love! Courtney is so colorful. She’s very amazing in the respect that she acts wild and crazy in her real life but when it comes to acting, she is fabulous!! Courtney’s acting skills are really true and she’s always on point. I’ve enjoyed all of her movies and I really hope to see her in many more. She looks really slender and svelte and in her Aztec inspired bikini. Boy, what I’d do for abs like that. We love you Courtney!