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Jasmine Waltz Bikini Pictures

Friday, December 17th, 2010
Jasmine Waltz Bikini Pictures Jasmine Waltz Bikini Pictures

Oh look, here’s seriously B-Actress Jasmine Waltz strolling along the beach in the sunset. Nice abs! Wow! If you don’t know much about Ms. Waltz, I’ll give you some tidbits on this brunette beauty. She’s 28 years old and was born in Las Vegas (oh my head throbs when I hear the name of that city). She’s an actress and has starred in some of the worst movies known to the industry, like National Lampoons TV: The Movie, Pledge This, and Poker Run. Movies nobody in their right mind would go to see.

But her body is smoking hot in a bikini and that gets her some time on this site. We don’t care if they can act, sing, dance or whatever. All we care about is how they look in a sexy bikini and she passes our test, so who cares if her career will never see the light of day. Here are your 15 minutes of fame, on our site, Ms. Waltz. Enjoy!!

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews