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Ayem Nour Bikini Pictures

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
Ayem Nour Bikini Pictures Ayem Nour Bikini Pictures

Parisian beauty Ayem Nour is posing poolside for a new TV show called Hollywood Girls. She’s new to Celebrity Bikini Gossip so lets give her a warm welcome. Her tanned skin, long legs and buxom figure is mind blowing. You see, these are the kinds of girls that hang out in the Florida Keys so now you can understand why it’s hard for a guy like me. I’m looking for pretty much a 40 yr old cougar to support my lifestyle. Ayem Nour looks stunning in a black zebra print bikini fashioned with pink high heel pumps that shows off her delightful assets. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for many more sightings of Ayem Nour wearing hot bikinis.

Photo Credit: WENN