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Vienna Girardi Bikini Pictures

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012
Vienna Giardi Bikini Pictures Vienna Giardi  Bikini Pictures

Vienna Girardi looks fabulous in an all blue bikini. You remember Vienna from the popular TV shows “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelor Pad”. Well turns out that she recently broke up with her boyfriend Kasey and that came as a surprise because they looked cute together. In these pictures it looks like Vienna isn’t wasting any time at home crying about the breakup. She’s out and about and looking fabulous. Loving the cute tattoo on her hip. I like Vienna and hope to see more of her dramatic personality on TV.

Alright, my babies, it’s time to turn this over to Mr. Lance Butts who is supposedly dating some Dr. Bikini Doctor (that’s what he calls her) and it’s probably just for a minute because he’s never serious about any girl. Until next time, please take care of yourself and remember that Jenny Bikini Loves You!! Toodles!! Smooches!! JB

Photo Credit: Fame

Vienna Girardi Bikini Pictures

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010
Vienna Girardi Bikini Pictures Vienna Girardi Bikini Pictures

Hey no disrespect to Jake from the tv reality show “The Bachelor” but his fiance Vienna Girardi is hot!

He made the perfect choice and I saw the show and was glad that he picked her. She’s real out of those other fake chicks that were on the show. Vienna took her man and she didn’t let any of those other girls stop her and that’s what I like in a woman.

I’m telling you Jake, you need to go ahead and marry Vienna as soon as you can because it’s just a matter of time before some big Hollywood guy comes along and starts throwing lots of cash and big houses and cars at her and you can’t blame a girl for wanting to better herself.

I say they give Vienna her own tv show, she’s just that hot!!!

Ok, I’m out for the week and up next is a girl who needs no introduction – Jenny Bikini. She’s kinda homely looking but we are all putting money in a pot at work to pay some poor sucker to take her out on a date. I just added $1 so go and have a great time. PEACE!

Photo Credit: Flynet