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Brandi Chastain Bikini Pictures

Monday, April 1st, 2013
Brandi Chastain Bikini Pictures Brandi Chastain Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey!! Oh yeah, you know it’s the most fabulous, terrific and wonderful Mr. Lance Man back from a romp in the Jersey Shore with my buddies Vinnie Lasagne, Tony Fish and Pauly Meathead. It’s starting to warm up just a little bit but still too cold for me. I’m a Floridian and like it hot!! The girls still aren’t dressed scantilly enough so we are going to go back in a few more weeks. So no strays!! Yay!!

Ok, let’s start off with some pictures of slender and sleek Brandi Chastain first time to Celebrity Bikini Gossip. Brandi looks very slender in a pastel blue and pink sports bikini. She’s striking a few dynamic poses to show off her trim physic and it’s really cool. Keep up the great work Brandi!