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Cara Delevinge Bikini Pictures

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014
Cara Delevinge Bikini Pictures Cara Delevinge Bikini Pictures

Don’t worry, be happy! Cara Delevingne reveals mystery inking on her chest as she makes a splash during festive break in Barbados. She recently offered fans an alternative guide to Christmas, but with the festive fun over Cara Delevingne got down to the serious business of celebrating Christmas – far, far away from British shores. Indeed, the willowy model was spotted wading into the surf during a year-end break at the luxurious Heron Bay resort in sunny Barbados – the native home of close pal Rihanna. But while the Bajan songstress celebrated Christmas with her family on the other side of the island, Cara was making a splash in the ocean a mere stone’s throw from her holiday retreat – and revealed was appeared to be a distinctive tattooed quote on her chest while she wore a tie-dyed blue bandeau bikini beachside. Very interesting.

Lady Victoria Hervey Bikini Pictures

Monday, January 27th, 2014
Lady Victoria Hervey  Bikini Pictures Lady Victoria Hervey  Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey!!! Oh yes, you know it’s me the deliciously yummy Mr. Lance Man back from a groovy weekend with my buddies Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead. We’re best buddies for life. We hung out in Cancun, Mexico during these past few weeks that it was freezing cold in the states and we didn’t miss it here for anything. We managed to meet up with some very hot Mexican cougars who showed us all a very good time. I even gave out my phone number to a pretty lady named Joseline. Let’s see how this one works out. She’s 52 and perfect. I dream of Joseline day and night. lol

Alright, let’s get started with another one of my favorite cougars and that is Lady Victoria Hervey. Although most people like to wear as little as possible while on the beach, Lady Victoria Hervey has proved that she’s not one for convention. The 37 year-old socialite has been enjoying time at the beach in Barbados and this time she looks so striking in a blue bikini, swapping the snow for the sand. Her latest attempt at beachwear has surprised onlookers – even by her standards. Hot!

Nicole “CoCo” Austin Bikini Pictures

Monday, September 9th, 2013
Nicole Nicole

Hey Hey Hey!!!! You know it’s the most fabulous, spectacular, dynamic, generously handsome Mr. Lance Man back from hanging out with my buddies Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead. Guess what? Yeah, Pauly Meathead met a stray and he bought her over to my house this past weekend. She looked like a cross between Rosanne Barr and Anna Nicole Smith. She was a blonde bombshell but there wasn’t something right about her. Maybe it was the 5th of vodka that she put away. That girl could drink and she became so drunk we had to put her in a cab and send her home. See that’s what we mean about never bringing home strays.

Alright, now that I’ve given you the lesson of the week, let’s start out with some super hot pictures of Mrs. Nicole “Coco” Austin (aka: Ice T’s wife). She’s sporting a one-piece monokini that looks more like some sort of bondage bikini if you ask me. But you have to admit that it’s pretty alluring. Coco is known for showing off lots of skin and if her husband likes it, then I love it.

Jessie James Bikini Pictures

Monday, July 8th, 2013
Jessie James Bikini Pictures Jessie James Bikini Pictures

Hello my most lovely and spectacular Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!!! It’s me, Mrs. Jenny Bikini, ready to “WOW” you with awesome pictures of your favorite celebs in sexy bikinis!!! To set the record straight around the office, NO, I’m not pregnant. I may have gained a few pounds because of marriage bliss but that’s it. I wish I was, don’t get me wrong but I suppose it will happen when it’s right. So hopefully that will stop the whispering around the office!! Ok!

Let’s get started with some really nice pictures of Denver Broncos footballer Eric Decker’s wife Jessie James showing off her super toned shape in Hawaii. The singer showed off her flat stomach, toned limbs and impressive curves in the brown, black and white trimmed swimwear and she looked flawless. Of course those football guys must have a hot wife and she fits the bill!!

Lisa Hochstein Bikini Pictures

Friday, March 22nd, 2013
Lisa Hochstein Bikini Pictures Lisa HochsteinBikini Pictures

Lisa Hochstein, 30, showed off the results of Dr Lenny Hochstein’s handy work as she posed for a photo shoot at her sprawling waterfront home on Wednesday. Donning multiple teeny bikinis, Lisa showed off her equally tiny and trim body. The reality TV star, who has made three appearances in Playboy, has been open about her plastic surgery procedures, admitting to rhinoplasty and two boob jobs. Her husband, who is known as the ‘Boob God’, performed the second of her two breast enlargements. Lisa told She Knows in October last year: ‘I had a boob job when I was 19. And it wasn’t the best job. When I met my husband, I always wanted to fix it. And since he’s known as “The Boob God,” I thought if I’m walking around with him, my breasts should really look great. Otherwise people would think he did this not-so-great job.

Alrighty then! Dudes and dudettes it’s time to pass you over to Mrs. Jenny Bikini! Oh and by the way I did hook up with that girl Bambi’s mom. Turns out she’s a real estate developer and I’m in search of a new house. Sweet!! My buddies and I are headed to the Jersey Shore to see if it’s warmed up any and to visit Vinnie’s parents since that’s where he’s from. Until the next time, remember to NEVER bring home any strays and in my case if you do, make sure you get her mom’s number too!! lol PEACE!!!

Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures

Thursday, February 21st, 2013
Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures

Bethenny Frankel is a hot cougar and a rich one too. She’s made a name for herself with all sorts of products and selling of herself on TV. That’s my kind of woman. In these pics, Bethenny looks rather delightful in a black bikini. Poor Bethenny is having problems with her love life but I can help her with that. All she needs to do is call the Lance Man and I’ll make all of her dreams come true.

Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Pictures

Monday, January 14th, 2013
Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Pictures Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Pictures

Hello my delightful Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!! It’s Jenny Bikini, your favorite bikini reporter (and newly married) back to share the most awesome pictures of your favorite stars in sexy swimwear!! I’m so excited to be back! Married life is awesome although Gerald (my hubby) and I had our first argument. We didn’t go to sleep mad and promised that we would never do that. Would you believe we argued over how to fold a shirt? I must admit that it was fun making up.

I’m so excited to post these pictures of Victoria Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio lounging around in a rainbow aztec inspired string bikini. She has accessorized it with a big hat, sunglasses and colorful bracelets with makes her look like a superstar. It looks like Alessandra keeps her phone handy and it’s probably because she’s extremely busy with photo shoots and TV appearances. I know that Mr. Lance Butts is in love with her so eat your heart out Lance!! lol

Dayana Mendoza Bikini Pictures

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012
Dayana Mendoza Bikini Pictures Dayana Mendoza Bikini Pictures

Striking a funny faced poses while on a sexy photo shoot is the very beautiful Dayana Mendoza. It’s her first time to Celebrity Bikini Gossip and we want to give her a warm welcome as she strikes cute poses in a black and white one-piece. Dayana (age 26) (Dayana Sabrina Mendoza Moncada) is is a model and beauty pageant titleholder who won the titles of Miss Venezuela 2007 and Miss Universe 2008. She was also a contestant on the 2012 season of Celebrity Apprentice. I remember watching that season and I remember that all of the ladies were so jealous of her. Yeah, that’s right. They kept talking bad about her in the board room with Trump and she really just laughed it off. She said that she was used to other women’s jealousy. Go Dayana! Don’t let those other hags steal your glory. Isn’t she hot?????

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures

Monday, September 10th, 2012
Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey!!!! Oh yeah, you know it’s the delicious Mr. Lance Man back from an awesome weekend with my buddies Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead. Our trip to NYC was awesome! We saw the Statute of Liberty, went to Central Park West, hung out at the hottest VIP clubs and met a lot of nice strays. NY women are very aggressive so we really didn’t have to put much effort into anything. I even found a hot cougar who paid for my drinks all night. I didn’t bring her home but she may come down to Florida to pay me a visit. She’s loaded and that’s the kind of woman I’m looking for. So it was a success!! My buddies didn’t find luck although Vinnie did meet some girl who said she wanted to have his baby. LOL

Alright, let’s start this week out with some cool pictures of Bethenny Frankel paddling along in the ocean. She’s really slender and looks great in a pink string bikini that compliments her slim figure. Bethenny is smiling in these pictures probably because she’s racking in the bucks with her TV show and various other projects. I admire a woman who can make a name for herself out of practically nothing. Hey Bethenny, if things don’t work out with your new hubby, call me.

Melissa Satta Bikini Pictures

Monday, June 11th, 2012
Melissa Satta Bikini Pictures Melissa Satta Bikini Pictures

Hello my awesome, fabulous and darling Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!! It’s me, Jenny Bikini, back from an fantastic week of hunting for the sexiest celebrities in super hot bikinis!! I’ve missed you all so very much and am excited about this week’s photos. First I want to say that my boyfriend Gerald and I are getting so close. Since he’s proposed, he’s been extra sweet and I’m loving every moment of it. Love is grand!! Ok, I’m very delighted to bring back more pictures of Melissa Satta. We’ve featured her before on CBG and it’s such a pleasure to have her back. In these pictures, Melissa Satta sparks our interest in a neon green bikini bikini. Her hair is drenched so we can assum that she’s just enjoyed a refreshing dip in the ocean. Her smile is outstanding and I’m so loving the cute star tattoos.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

Kimora Lee Simmons Bikini Pictures

Monday, January 23rd, 2012
Kimora Lee Simmons Bikini Pictures Kimora Lee Simmons Bikini Pictures

Hello my wonderful and awesome Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!! Happy Monday!! It’s Jenny Bikini back from a warm and wonderful weekend with my Fiance, Gerald and he says “Hi”. I hope that you had a great weekend and an even more spectacular week!! We’re starting this week off with lovely pictures of model, mom and super business woman Kimora Lee Simmons. I really admire her bikini fashion but she’s a model and she knows her stuff. It’s great to see that Kimora has recently lost a significant amount of weight. Although she looked fabulous before, you can now see that her figure is back down to what it looked like in her model days. Keep up the great work Kimora.

Jessica-Jane Clement Bikini Pictures

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011
Jessica-Jane Clement Bikini Pictures Jessica-Jane Clement Bikini Pictures

Let’s welcome the very beautiful Jessica-Jane Clement to Celebrity Bikini Gossip for her first awesome gallery. Who is Jessica-Jane Clement? Well she’s a British model, actress and TV presenter. She’s very popular in the UK. Over there she’s like our Megan Fox and they sort of like similar too. In these photos she’s wearing a very pretty watermelon print bikini that’s really cute. The guys in the office are going wild over her pictures so hopefully we’ll get to see much more of Jessica-Jane in the near future.

Ok, my lovely babies, it’s time to pass this over to Mr. Lance Butts. I’m still on cloud nine about my engagement and Gerald wants to get married right away so there is lots of planning to do. Hopefully by June, 2012, I’ll have “Mrs” before my name. Oh I’ve dreamed of this. Ok, everyone, have a wonderful week and remember that Jenny Bikini loves YOU! Toodles!! Smooches!! JB

Marisa Miller Bikini Pictures

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011
Marisa Miller Bikini Pictures Marisa Miller Bikini Pictures

Hey beautiful peeps!! It’s the Lance Man here to rock your world with these blazing hot pictures of Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Marisa Miller.

As you all know, I love supermodels and I’d like to welcome her to our family. This is Marisa’s first appearance on Celebrity Bikini Gossip and we are so happy to have her appear for our wonderful readers.

From an early age she loved surfing. She says “I feel my absolute best—physically, mentally and spiritually—when I’m surfing every day.” I’d love to go surfing with her – that’s if I could surf but I’m sure she’d be the perfect teacher and I wouldn’t mind her rescuing me from those big waves.

Well dudes, it’s been an awesome week and I’ve been a good boy. I’ve been the perfect gentlemen and haven’t even made a pass at Barbie and Bambie’s younger sister Brittany. Oh boy, it’s hard and I want you to know the sacrifices that I make to stay true. She’s still staying over for the weekend and we’re all going to a bikini party. I hope I can make it through. Until then take care of yourselves and welcome the cute and spunky Miss Jenny Bikini to the floor. PEACE!!!

Heather Locklear Bikini Pictures

Friday, March 26th, 2010
Heather Locklear Bikini Pictures Bikini Pictures

Here’s a blast from the past with photos of Melrose Place tv star Heather Locklear. She’s on the beach filming some scenes for a show and showing off her body.

She looks good for her age but in one of the pictures she looks like she has a small alien inside of her stomach. That’s not good posture Heather.

I remember when she played on the tv show TJ Hooker. She was so pretty.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Mariah Carey Swimsuit Pictures

Friday, March 19th, 2010
Mariah Carey Bikini Pictures Mariah Carey Bikini Pictures

Well if it isn’t the Diva herself, Mrs. Nick Cannon aka: Mariah Carey.

I love the one piece black swimsuit that she has on. She’s the only one with enough nerve to wear super high heels while attempting to walk down a flight of deep stairs. Only Mariah.

Everyone’s talking about the weight that she’s been putting on, saying that she might be preggers. If she is, that’s great, if she isn’t that’s ok too. Just let Mariah do whatever she wants to do. She’s paid her dues and it looks like marriage is agreeing with her. I’m happy for her. But she should get a bun in the oven, her bio-clock is ticking….tick tock..tick tock

I’m out peeps! Catch you next week and a note to Lance Butts. I want my $20, I know you have your check.

Photo Credit: SplashNewsOnline