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Kristen Dalton Bikini Pictures

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010
Kriston Dalton Bikini Pictures Kriston Dalton Bikini Pictures

The Lance Man loves his country and to prove it, I’m treating you guys to those hot pictures of Miss USA – Kristen Dalton.

She’s on the red carpet showing off that awesome body of hers. I’m kind of surprised that they let her walk around looking like that because she’s completely drop dead gorgeous and that bikini has my mind wandering.

She extremely beautiful and that’s no lie. I mean this babe has got natural beauty. She must have brains too because to become Miss USA, you need some brains. Long gone are the days of stupid beauty pageant girls. Shoot most of them are working on business degrees.

I wonder if she’d go out on a date with me. I think I’ll have my people call her people and hook something up. I don’t mind letting her grill me about my American spirit.

Photo Credit: WENN