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Elisabeth Canalis Bikini Pictures

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010
Elisabeth Canalis Bikini Pictures Elisabeth Canalis Bikini Pictures

Hey check out Elisabeth Canalis (pictured on the black shorts) and her friend hanging out on a boat. Don’t know who’s boat it is but maybe it’s her boyfriend’s boat – George Clooney. I hear that her acting career is really taking off and it’s really because she’s a good actress and I like that. I don’t like it when girlfriends get jobs because they’re dating someone famous and they can’t act at all. As for George, rumor is that this might be the one that he finally settles down with. I don’t know about that but George will always be mine in my heart and secretly he probably knows that which is why he remains single. If he were to marry anybody, then I would allow it to be Elisabeth. Another question is why is Elisabeth holding her hand over her mouth? I guess it doesn’t smell too fresh over there at the marina. lol

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin