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Jennifer Love Hewitt Bikini Pictures

Monday, December 6th, 2010
Jennifer Love Hewitt Bikini Pictures Jennifer Love Hewitt Bikini Pictures

Hey everyone, it’s our favorite scream queen and ghost whisperer – Jennifer Love Hewitt. Doesn’t she look awesome in her hot black bikini? She’s enjoying a game of tennis and looks like she’s concentrating very hard on the game. I hope she won. I’ve followed her career for so many years and love her acting. I was so crushed when her tv show Ghost Whisperer was cancelled. I really looked forward to watching it on Friday nights. But that’s ok because Jennifer is still working. She recently starred on an episode of Law and Order: SVU and did an awesome job. There is some Emmy buzz going on about her performance and I agree that she did a fabulous job. Keep up the great work Jennifer and hope to see more of you on tv and in movies. On another note, how can she play tennis in those wedgie heels? I’d probably break my ankle.

Photo Credit: Pollsb