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Nicole Richie Bikini Pictures

Friday, March 30th, 2012
Nicole Richie Bikini Pictures Nicole Richie Bikini Pictures

Gracing the pages of Celebrity Bikini Gossip for the first time is TV show “Fashion Star” mentor Nicole Richie. She was soaking up the sun poolside in Miami earlier this week. Doesn’t she look amazing in a burgundy two-piece bikini? Nicole has struggled with her weight and has gone from both extremes but from these pictures it looks like she’s gotten her body down to a desirable weight and under control. Kudos to you Nicole and love the show.

Oh, darn, my babies, it’s time for me to hand you over to Mr. Lance Butts. He’s a party animal who stumbles into work and runs out. He’s very likable which is why I think he’s so close to our boss. Oh well, I’m just happy that I have a boyfriend and don’t have to creep around clubs like Mr. Butts looking for a mate. And, yes, I do have many fans who love me just like I love them. You’re all my babies!!! Have a great weekend and always remember that Jenny Bikini loves YOU!!! Toodles!!! Smooches!!! JB

Imogen Thomas Bikini Pictures

Thursday, March 29th, 2012
Imogen Thomas Bikini Pictures Imogen Thomas Bikini Pictures

Returning to Celebrity Bikini Gossip and looking fabulous is the very pretty Imogene Thomas. We’ve features pictures of this stunning Welsh beauty before and the response is always immediate and overwhelming. Sorry guys, this time she’s walking along the beach hand in hand with a male friend. I love her khaki inspired bikini. She fits it fully and you can tell her male friend is impressed also. Keep up the great work Imogene and always happy and grateful to post pictures of you in super sexy bikinis.

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures

Hello my precious Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!!! It’s your favorite celebrity reporter, Jenny Bikini, back to share mesmerizing pictures of your favorite celebrities in sexy bikinis!!! I hope that you’re having a great week. I’m so happy (that’s right Mr. Butts)! I don’t know why I’m such a happy person. I see the glass half full and my peppy personality has always gotten me through the good and bad times. Gerald loves my spunkiness and I love him! Now! Flaunting her flawless 24 yr old looking body is 50+ yr old Rita Rusic. I hope that I look half as good as Rita does when I get in my 50’s. She looks divine in a two toned blue bikini that fits her perfectly. I love her bikini fashion sense. She’s my hero.

Georgina Dorsett Bikini Pictures

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012
Georgina Dorsett Bikini Pictures Georgina Dorsett Bikini Pictures

Let’s welcome the very stunning Georgina Dorsett to Celebrity Bikini Gossip. She’s a newbie to the site and I’m so happy to post photos of this lovely blonde sauntering along the beach in an orange swimsuit. Who is Georgina Dorsett? She’s another one of those hot a British actresses that star on that risque Brit TV show TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex). There are nothing but sexy babes on that show and she’s one of them. Georgina looks like a blazing hot 80’s pinup model.

Alright dudes and dudettes, it’s time to pass you over to Miss “I’m so Happy” Jenny Bikini. Hey, I’m not raining on her parade but can you be that happy all of the time? I’ve never seen her get mad unless I didn’t pay her money that I owed her. Just kidding, she’s a sweetheart. I figure I better say that since she has fanatical fans like Justin Beiber. Until we meet again! Remember NEVER bring home any strays!! PEACE!!

AnnaLynne McCord Bikini Pictures

Monday, March 26th, 2012
AnnaLynne McCord Bikini Pictures AnnaLynne McCord Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey it’s Monday and the Lance Man is back from a spectacular weekend with my buddies Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead. What did we do? We took a nice trip to Mexico and barely got back in one piece. The tequila was flowing too heavily. I remember part of the trip but it involves a goat and a pack of skittles. I can’t put the connection together and my buddies can’t remember anything. But hey, that’s how we party!

Ok, I’m very excited to post these pictures of AnnaLynne Lynne McCord wearing a very colorful pink, blue, white and yellow bikini. She’s enjoying herself on the beach and don’t you wish you were hanging out with her? I do. AnnaLynne McCord’s bikini fashion is always perfect. I wonder if she does her own bikini shopping or has her assistant do it for her. Oh well it doesn’t really matter because she’s hot!

Lola Ponce Bikini Pictures

Friday, March 23rd, 2012
Lola Ponce Bikini Pictures Lola Ponce Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey!! Oh yes!! It’s the Lance Man back to move and groove you with these super hot pictures of Lola Ponce in a bikini! Who is Lola Ponce? Paola Fabiana Ponce (born June 25, 1982), professionally known as Lola Ponce, is an Argentine singer–songwriter, composer, actress and occasional model. All I know is that she’s super hot!! Vinnie Lasagne is drooling over her at my desk right now! I’m loving the black monokini that she’s wearing. It looks practically painted on. Lola Ponce’s bikini fashion is perfecto. I think I just may take some language lessons just in case we meet!

Ok, we’re stoked it’s Friday because you know what that means!! It’s party time for me, Vinnie Lasagne, Tony Fish and Pauly Meathead. We’re not quite sure where we want to go this weekend but I know wherever it is, we are going to blaze through like hot coals so watch out ladies! Have a great weekend and see ya on Monday!

Vanessa Hudgens Bikini Pictures

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012
Vanessa Hudgens Bikini Pictures Vanessa Hudgens Bikini Pictures

Out filming scenes for her new movie “Spring Breakers” that is probably due out next year is Vanessa Hudgens. If you look closely, you’ll notice that her hair is blonde. She’s wearing a blonde wig for her new role. Vanessa looks great in a pink bikini top and pink and white patterned bikini bottom. I’m very excited about this movie because it’s filmed in Florida and it will also star Selena Gomez (pictured below). Keep up the great work and good luck with the movie!!

Oh, my sweet babies, it’s time to pass you over to Mr. Lance Butts. He travels in a pack with his other three friends who are always sitting around his desk. They act like 6 yr olds who have never seen girls before and it’s funny to me. Well, I am going to miss you and until we meet again, please take care of yourself and remember that Jenny Bikini loves you!! Smooches!! Toodles!!! JB!!

Selena Gomez Bikini Pictures

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012
Selena Gomez Bikini Pictures Selena Gomez Bikini Pictures

Exiting her movie trailer is the very cute Selena Gomez. Yes, she’s Justin Bieber’s girlfriend and you can see why. Selena, along with Vanessa Hudgens (pictured above), is currently in Florida filming a new movie called “Spring Breakers”. They’re still filming it so it may come out next year. I’m very excited about this movie. It’s about four girls who rob a bank and Selena is one of the girls. So look out for it! Selena looks great in an orange bikini top and blue bikini bottom that you can get a glimpse of underneath her blue jean shorts. Selena along with her co-stars get pretty naughty in this movie which will be interesting to see because she’s so sweet. Good luck on the movie!

Caroline Kennedy Bikini Pictures

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
Caroline Kennedy Bikini Pictures Caroline Kennedy Bikini Pictures

Hello my awesome Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!!!! I’ve missed you so much! It seems like forever! It’s Jenny Bikini, your favorite celebrity reporter here to share the best pictures of your favorite stars in sexy bikinis!!!! I had a great weekend with my boyfriend Gerald. I can’t wait until the wedding. We haven’t picked a date yet but soon and you all will be the first to know! Now! The Brits have the Royal family and we have the Kennedys! They’re America’s royal family. Looking beautiful and fit is Caroline Kennedy getting splashed in a lovely blue and white bikini. I love her bikini. It reminds me of Martha’s Vineyard. It fits her perfectly and is just her style. I feel so honored to be the first to post photos of Caroline in a bikini on our site. I’ve admired her for years. Love you Caroline!

Snooki Bikini Pictures

Monday, March 19th, 2012
Snooki Bikini Pictures Snooki Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey! It’s Monday and the Lance Man is back from a spectacular weekend with my buddies Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead. We skipped along from party to party all along the Miami beach shore. It’s fun being single!

Ok, speaking of the shore, here with a bun in the oven is Snooki from the MTV reality TV show “Jersey Shore”. Currently, Snooki is filming her own reality TV show along with her bestie JWOWW. But she’s pregnant so I don’t think the show will be as interesting. I’m used to Snooki falling down drunk. Oh well, pregnancies only last 9 months so she may resume her throne afterwards. Just because she’s had a baby, I doubt it will stop her from drinking. In these photos, she’s sporting her baby bump in a black and white monokini with a sheer cover-up. I am very happy for Snooki and wish her all the best.

Alright, dudes and dudettes, it’s time to hand you over to Miss Jenny Bikini. She’s a spunky one, isn’t she? Have a great week and see you soon! And, always remember, DON’T bring home any strays!! PEACE!

Sara Yasmina Chafak Bikini Pictures

Friday, March 16th, 2012
Sara Yasmina Chafak Bikini Pictures Sara Yasmina Chafak Bikini Pictures

Back by popular demand is another gallery of the very beautiful Sara Yasmina Chafak. When we featured her gallery last time, the response was overwhelming. That prompted us to give our fans just what they want. More of Sara!! In these pictures, Sarah Yasmina Chafak shines in a white halter bikini top with jewels in the center. I love those jewels. A delightful pink string bikini bottom that really makes her tan stand out. I think this is the hottest bikini I’ve seen all year so far. I have to tell my buddies about her in this bikini!

Happy Friday and I’m off on another romping weekend with my buddies Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead. Pauly is the newest addition to our group and he’s funny! See you soon and don’t do anything that we would do!

Nina Agdal Bikini Pictures

Thursday, March 15th, 2012
Nina Agdal Bikini Pictures Nina Agdal Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey!! Oh yeah it’s your man – The Lance Man – back from a wild weekend with my buddies Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead. We really know how to party! I love the single life. Of course the guys wanted to bring home a few strays but it didn’t happen! We leave them at the club and go home with them if a situation arises, if you know what I mean!

Let’s get this party started with hot pictures of Danish model Nina Agdal! She’s brand new to CBG and I’m happy. This stunning lovely looks great in two separate bikinis. Awesome!! The bikini on the left is a nice white base with different color swirls throughout. She’s filling it out perfectly and giving us just enough smile to not make it cheezy. The super hot bikini on right is a black base with a pretty floral pattern. This swimsuit really brings out her healthy skin tone. I’m just really liking this girl. I’m sure since she’s a bikini model, we will bring you more pictures of her. I just might have a brand new crush.

Sara Jean Underwood Bikini Pictures

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012
Sara Jean Underwood Bikini Pictures Sara Jean Underwood Bikini Pictures

Gracing the pages of Celebrity Bikini Gossip for her first time is Sara Jean Underwood. She’s beautiful and all of the guys in the office are already professing their love for her. lol! Sarah Jean Underwood is is an American model and actress who was chosen as the Playmate of the Month for the July 2006 issue of Playboy magazine and later became Playmate of the Year in 2007. She is a presenter on Attack of the Show. In her gallery she’s posing in a red hot bikini that really compliments her platinum hair. I think she’s making a name for herself in Hollywood and I wish her all of the best!!

Ok, my lovely Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!! I’m going to miss you. It’s time to pass you over to Mr. Lance Butts who has three buddies who are constantly hanging around the office. Must be nice!! I’m going to try and catch up on my rest after the cruise. I could live on a boat!! Until we meet again, remember that Jenny Bikini loves you!! Smooches!! Toodles!! JB!

Gillian Zinser Bikini Pictures

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012
Gillian Zinser Bikini Pictures Gillian ZinserBikini Pictures

Let’s welcome the totally hot and beautiful Gillian Zinser on her premier gallery on Celebrity Bikini Gossip. Who is Gillian Zinser? Well you may remember her from the TV show 90210 where she played the character “Ivy Sullivan”. Gillian is 26 yrs old and looks fabulous walking along with her surf board wearing an awesome pink bikini top, blue shorts and boots! How fashionable is that! The next time I hit the beach I will make sure that I have my boots in tow. Gillian is so pretty and expect to see her in the up-coming thriller film called “Liars All”. Keep up the great work!

Rachel Hunter Bikini Pictures

Monday, March 12th, 2012
Rachel Hunter Bikini Pictures Rachel Hunter Bikini Pictures

Hello my darling Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!!!! Jenny Bikini is back from her week long cruise with my Fiance Gerald! Oh my it was so relaxing and we had so much fun swimming, eating, spa, walking, dancing, gambling and so much more. I recommend a cruise if you are stressed in your life and need a release. We plan on going on another cruise soon!! While I was away I know that you were taken care of and we’re so excited to present new celebs to our site that you haven’t seen before. Starting off the pack is the very beautiful Rachel Hunter. You remember her! Rachel Hunter is a New Zealand born model, actress and reality TV show host. She is best known for her appearance in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues and her marriage to singer Rod Stewart, which ended in 2006. I remember when she was a popular model, the guys would go crazy over her in the magazines. She still looks great in a grey bikini top and grey bottoms. I never realized she was so tall. It was great to see that you’re doing well Rachel! I’m a big fan.