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Malishka Bikini Pictures

Monday, March 28th, 2011
Malishka Bikini Pictures Malishka Bikini Pictures

What’s up dudes and dudettes!!! Yeah it’s the Lance Man back in full effect!! Let’s get this party started with some hot pictures of Malishka. Who is Malishka? She’s a Bollywood actress who is storming the scene these days. I thinks he’s super erotic and hot. She’s hanging out on the beach in a very colorful swimsuit that looks awesome! I love it. I like colorful swimsuits and this really caught my eye. I told my boss that we just had to put her up. So yeah she’s new so let’s give her a warm welcome. I even love her name Malishka.

As you know we are working really hard out in the field to give you some awesome photos for this Summer. We appreciate and love you here at Celebrity Bikini Gossip and want to give you the highest quality and rarest pictures of super celebrities in bikinis.

Oh, guess what happened with Brittany just today? She showed up at my job and tried to get in to see me. My boss asked who she was and she told my boss that she was my new Fiancee. My boss told me that he laughed so hard, that he almost choked on his lunch. My boss knows I go with Barbie and Bambi. He told her that I was busy and that he’d give me the message. The girl wouldn’t leave so he had to call security to come and escort her out of the building. Lmao! She’s a stalker dude! Wait until I tell Barbie and Bambi (her sisters who are my twin girlfriends).