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Katherine Heigl Bikini Pictures

Friday, April 8th, 2011
Katherine Heigl Bikini Pictures Katherine Heigl Bikini Pictures

Let me say that I always miss you guys when I’m not posting pictures of cute celebrities in their favorite bikinis. I feel such a connection with our fans and I just want to thank you all for always stopping by our home on the world wide web! 🙂 Ok, today, I wanted to show these are bikini pictures of American actress and producer, Katherine Heigl. Omg I love her!!!! She is known for her role as Dr. Izzie Stevens on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. Eventually she left that show to go off and become a big movie star. Hey I give her much props for expanding her horizons. She recently had a child and I want to say Congratulations!!! I’m so proud of her and have followed her career for years. She’s a great inspiration. Keep up the great work Katherine and you look totally magnificent in her bikini.

Photo Credit: Fame