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AnnaLynne McCord

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010
AnnaLynne McCord Bikini Pictures AnnaLynne McCord Bikini Pictures

It’s the Lance Man and I’m back. Yeah, I know you missed me. I must admit sometimes it’s hard getting back to work after spending the entire weekend getting worn out by a bunch of hot bikini models at an exclusive shoot that I was invited too. Yeah we partied afterwards and you know how I party! Ok….let’s get started.

Here’s a coupla pics of AnnaLynne McCord hanging out around town wearing a really hot bikini. If you don’t know who she really is, she’s like an actress who always plays the vixen. She was in the FX tv series Nip/Tuck as Eden Lord and was in the movies Transporter 2 and Day of the Dead. So she’s getting some work.

I like her because her face is cute and plain while she’s walking around normal but hot and sexy when she’s on the screen. I just might see if I could hook up with her because I don’t see anything about her having a boyfriend and the moment she takes a look at me, I know it’s all over.

Ok next……

Photo Credit: Fame

Jessica Hart Bikini Pictures

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010
Jessica Hart Bikini Pictures Jessica Hart Bikini Pictures

Well if it isn’t swimsuit model Jessica Hart hanging out at the beach getting some sun. I really like her and she’s really popular here at Celebrity Bikini Gossip. We get such great responses whenever we post pictures of her because you can’t deny how beautiful she is. She can rock a hot bikini really well and she’s really pretty in the face. I think that the gap in between her teeth is what really gives her character, kind of like Madonna but there is only one Madonna. Keep up the great work Jessica.

Ok, folks, it’s time for me to run so until that time we meet again, stay healthy and happy. Up next is Lance Butts who we all know is the cheapest guy on the planet. Last week he asked everyone in the office for a dollar so he could buy himself lunch because he didn’t want to break a $50 bill. He’s something else!! Chow everyone!

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Geri Halliwell Bikini Pictures

Monday, June 28th, 2010
HERE Bikini Pictures HERE Bikini Pictures

Welcome back to Celebrity Bikini Gossip where we love to look at pictures of celebrities in bikinis!!! Hope you had a great weekend. I’m Jenny Bikini and am so happy to serve you. So let’s get started with a few nice pictures of Spice Girl – Ginger Spice – aka: Geri Halliwell. I really loved the Spice Girls and even went to their reunion concert. They embodied girl power and their music was always so fun to dance to. Geri doesn’t look bad in her swimsuit and she’s managed to keep the pounds off. Back in the day she used to have a weight gain problem but it looks like all that has disappeared. Keep up the great work Geri and I can’t wait until she releases another solo cd!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures

Friday, June 25th, 2010
Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures

Hey everyone, it’s Jenny Bikini here and I’m so happy to be back with all of our Celebrity Bikini Gossip fans! Thanks for hanging out out us. I wanted to post more pictures of Kim Kardashian and pretty much address what Lance Butts had to say. Contrary to what you say, Mr. Butts, Kim can act. I’ve seen her act and she can do a pretty good job. Just because you can’t seem to look at what is above her chest, doesn’t make you an expert, Mr. Butts. As for her sister Kloe, it’s ok for a girl to be curvy if she wants to and I think you’re just jealous because you can’t get a Kardashian girl to date you and I know you tried but they’ve turned you down. So there. I like the Kardashians and think they all have their own special talents. Kim looks great in anything she wears. I like her fashion style and her mom is beautiful too.

Photo Credit: Fame

Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures

Thursday, June 24th, 2010
Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures

Well if it isn’t reality tv star Kim Kardashian looking lovely as always. I really think Kim has the brain capacity of a snail but her body can rock a bikini like no other.

I wonder when her 15 minutes of fame will be up because it’s not like she can really act. I saw her on that episode of CSI-NY and I laughed the entire way through. Her acting was like a bad soap opera but she looked good.

See what’s gonna happen is Kim is going to look like her mom when she gets older and if you’ve seen the mom, you’ll know what I mean. Her sister Khloe is big as a whale but claims she’s not pregnant. If I was that big, I’d lie and say I was pregnant. But that’s just me, Lance Butts.

Anyways, I have to hit the skids for now but I know you’ll miss me. As for MISS Jenny Bikini who is up next….Todd called me about your date and said he’ll pay you $50 if he doesn’t have to do it again…… PEACE!

Photo Credit: Fame

Rima Fakih Bikini Pictures

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010
Rima Fakih Bikini Pictures Rima Fakih Bikini Pictures

Here’s more of sexy Miss USA Rima Fakih posing in a hot bikini. One thing that I liked about this girl is how genuinely sweet she is and she’s kind of smart too. When they asked her a question, she didn’t wobble her head and give up some stupid answer.

But the best part about her was when she walked out in that super hot bikini on stage. I think half of the guys fell off their chair. She rocked it with style and sass and attitude like she was a high fashion runway model which is probably what got her the crown.

I hope to see her on tv or something. Put her in a show where all she does is sit around wearing a bikini, that would be one of my favorite shows. I’ll tell my people to call her people…let’s make this happen…..Next…..

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Rima Fakih Bikini Pictures

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
Rima Fakih Bikini Pictures Rima Fakih Bikini Pictures

Hey the Lance Man is back!!! It’s been a nice long weekend that I just so happened to share it with a lovely cute celebrity with jet black hair and an awesome body. Well that could be just about anyone and sorry but I have to keep our secret. I’ll tell you that she stars on a hot tv show that’s top in it’s ratings and guess what??? She pays!! I’m in heaven.

Let’s get down to business. There she is….Miss America…..I think I’ve found a new interest in Miss USA Rima Fakih. She’s beautiful. I actually saw her win the crown this year. Yeah a buddy of mine was able to get me some tickets so I was in the crowd and they loved her. She was the only one that stood out in that crowd of all those other plastic chicks who are dumb as bricks.

I think she’s going to be my new babe of the week which means I’ll give her a double posting pleasure. More……

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Chanelle Hayes Bikini Pictures

Monday, June 21st, 2010
Chanelle Hayes Bikini Pictures Chanelle Hayes Bikini Pictures

Hello Celebrity Bikini Gossip lovers! Welcome back to a fun filled week of hot celebrities in tiny bikinis! My name is Jenny Bikini and I’m here to serve you. I thought I’d start off with a few pictures of pregnant English reality tv celebrity Chanelle Hayes who starred on the U.K. Big Brother series. I wish her so much luck with her pregnancy and it looks as if she’s trying to keep her weight down and that’s a good thing. She looks really cute in her bikini. I don’t know if she’s having a boy or girl, but I hope it’s a cute little girl. Good luck to you Chanelle.

Ok, I’m out for a few days and up next is Lance Butts. He’s one of the cheapest guys that I know and apparently I’m not the only one that knows that since one of his ex-dates came to the office looking for the $100 dollars she loaned him so he could get a pedicure…so he says. I think he used the money to take another girl out if you ask me. That’s just his style!! Ok, have a great week everyone and see you soon.

Photo Credit: Flynet

Candice Swanepoel Bikini Pictures

Friday, June 18th, 2010
Candice Swanepoel Bikini Pictures Candice Swanepoel Bikini Pictures

Hey all! These pictures of model Candice Swanepoel were taken during a photo shoot and I must say that she is totally beautiful. I sure wish I had her body and looks. She’s one of the most in-demand models out and around and that’s great news for her. I wish she would do some movies or tv so we could see if she could act because she has a pretty face and would look cute up on the big screen. I love her bikini and wonder who the designer is so I could get one just like it. She’s a very pretty girl and I wish her much luck in the future.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Sheryl Crow Bikini Pictures

Thursday, June 17th, 2010
Sheryl Crow Bikini Pictures Sheryl Crow Bikini Pictures

Hi all. It’s Jenny Bikini here and I’m so glad to be back to share the Celebrity Bikini Gossip experience with you. So, let’s get started with these awesome photos of one of my favorite singers Sheryl Crow looking great in a yellow bikini. She looks so good and I love her smile. I think I have about four of her albums and I hope she’s making some new music because I can just sit back, turn off the lights and drink a glass of wine just listening to her songs. She’s a wonderful song writer and looks great in a bikini. Kudos to you Sheryl. You look great!

Photo Credit: SplashNewOnline

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010
Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures

Oh wow, it looks like Victoria Silvstedt is holding up her hands and saying “Stop, don’t take a picture yet….my latest plastic surgery hasn’t hardened – oops – healed yet!

This woman is amazing. She keeps having plastic surgery on her body and face thinking it’s making her more attractive when it’s making her look like Shrek.

I’m sorry but yeah she might have a banging body so, of course, you can put a bag over her head but when is it going to stop!!! Come on ladies, botox in moderation……

Ok, I’m out for the week and I know you’ll miss me. Up next is Jenny Bikini, the girl who was voted “Most Likely to Have to Pay for a Husband” in her high school year book. Poor girl just can’t get a man. The office pot for “Get Jenny A Date Fund” is up to $5.00. I’m out! PEACE…….

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Pamela Anderson Swimsuit Pictures

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010
Pamela Anderson Swimsuit Pictures Pamela Anderson Swimsuit Pictures

Omg!!! Pam Anderson looks totally drunk walking the cat walk in her classic red swimsuit that she used to wear when she was on the tv show “Baywatch”.

She should be ashamed of herself, she’s about to fall down on her face. I saw her on DWTS and they kept saying that she was sexy but I didn’t see that. I saw a middle-aged woman desperately trying to act alluring and most of the time she did look medicated.

I will give her props on landing some of these dances because that’s more than I can do but let’s face it, we all knew she wasn’t going to win but I’m still a fan but of the OLD PAM ANDERSON. I’ll always remember looking at her poster on my wall when I was younger and thinking naughty thoughts about her. Now when I think naughty thoughts about Pam Anderson, it makes me feel weird.

But I’d still date her…don’t get me wrong………..Ok Next….

Katy Perry Bikini Pictures

Monday, June 14th, 2010
Katy Perry Bikini Pictures Katy Perry Bikini Pictures

Hey it’s the Lance Man and I’m back from another hot weekend! I went to New York for the weekend and I just got back. Boy those girls in NYC are wild…I got enough phone numbers to start my own cell phone service. I won’t call them all, just the ones who look like they had some money!!! Ok, let’s get started.

Here’s super pop star Katy Perry walking around looking all mad in a green bikini. Wow, she sure looks different without any makeup on.

Not to say she looks ugly, but with makeup on she kind of looks like a cartoon character so she looks kinda real in these pictures. I saw her perform at the MTV Movie Awards and she looked much thicker in the hips and waist than she does in these photos. But they do say TV puts on 10 pounds.

I like her song California Girls, it’s kinda catchy. Ok next……..

Candice Swanepoel Bikini Pictures

Friday, June 11th, 2010
Candice Swanepoel Bikini Pictures Candice Swanepoel Bikini Pictures

Hey check out one of the Victoria Secret’s Models – Candice Swanepoel – in a sexy swimsuit photo layout. She’s one of the hottest models out today and I can see why. She is absolutely stunning and I would kill to have her body. She’s not really the kind of model that dips into acting or anything like that so don’t expect to see her on the big screen anytime soon. It looks like she keeps her life pretty low key which is cool.

Well folks, looks like I’ll have to bid you bye for now. I’ll be back next week and up next is Lance Butts who claims I need a man but has been getting his dates from pretending he’s a major movie star. The only problem is that he has champagne taste on a SPAM budget. Toodles!

Kim Zolciak Bikini Pictures

Thursday, June 10th, 2010
Kim Zolciak Bikini Pictures Kim Zolciak Bikini Pictures

We here at Celebrity Bikini Gossip love reality tv shows which is why we are putting up photos of one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta – Kim Zolciak. I saw the show a few times and those women really know how to bring on the drama. Kim really looks good in her black bikini and you can tell she’s had some work done on her body and it looks pretty good so kudos to your plastic surgeon, Kim. It’s just funny how someone can become a celebrity just by allowing you to look into their lives.

Photo Credit: Flynet