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Stephanie Pratt, and she is famous because of???

Sunday, August 9th, 2009
Stephanie Pratt tit slip Stephanie Pratt Bikini Photos

Ya’ll I have been speaking of this for years.  The world has gone cr-a-zy!  Now we have people who are famous merely because their family members are ON a reality tv program.   It’s not even a good reality show like dancing with stars or idol.   I digress.  I know I should be talking about her choice in swimwear, but honestly I had to google this girl to find out who she is.  She is not even a real celebrity.   Just because your brother is on a reality show and you get popped for shopflifting and admit to the world you are a drug addict does not make you a celebrity – it makes you a trailer park hussy no matter how pretty you look in your yellow bikini.

Do you see the picture of the bottoms?   That is a classic camel toe of a girl who has spent some time in prison.  Girl, you have gone to the other side and must have dropped the soap a lot.   Come to momma, I will keep your secret quiet.

I was inspired to write some urban poetry – this is the kind of shit that started hip hop:

Stephanie Pratt,

Was on some Crack,

Lifted some shit in Hawaii,

Now she’s back.

Showing off her own Crack.

For the world to See.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews