Rihanna Bikini Pictures

Rihanna Bikini Pictures Rihanna Bikini Pictures

Hey here’s pop and r&b singer Rihanna drinking a refreshing beverage on some yacht. The swimsuit she has on is kind of VERY SEXY but what is up with that hair? It looks like something out of Carrot Top’s little box.

Anyways, Rihanna has become a world wide superstar since releasing her first album in 2005. Her face is everywhere which means the tabloids love her too. I hope she doesn’t become a casualty of success.

At 21 years of age, so many celebrities reach a point where they can’t go any higher so they go down. I think as long as she stays hot and sexy and wears swimsuits like this all the time, she’ll be just fine. Hey what do you expect, I’m a dude.

Photo Credit: Flynet

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