Kelly Preston Bikini Pictures

Kelly Preston Bikini Pictures Kelly Preston Bikini Pictures

Hello my beautiful Celebrity Bikini Gossip lovelies!! I’ve missed you so very much! It’s Jenny Bikini here back to share awesome gossip about celebs in bikinis! I’m so excited about our galleries this week. I’m starting off with the lovely Kelly Preston. Congratulations to her and John Travolta on the arrival of their new son Benjamin. I love that name. I’m so happy that they are able to go on with their lives and even welcome a new addition to their family. I know their son Jett is smiling from above with his blessings. Doesn’t she look awesome in her pre-Benjamin bathing suit attire? I’m sure once life settles down in her home, she’ll get right back down to this weight in no time. Kelly is so beautiful!! Good luck to you and your family.

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