Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures

Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures =

Here’s Kim Kardashian hanging out on a boat with one of her friends or sisters. I like Kim Kardashian. She’s making a name for herself on just her name. Her acting is horrible. She was recently on an episode of CSI-NY and it was really bad. But she does look good in a bikini. Hopefully she’s taking lessons to improve her acting skills because I would like to see her in more roles.

The lady in the background with Kim looks like she could be a relative, maybe Chloe? I don’t know because they all look so similar.

Well, I’m out for now, see you soon. Next up is Lance Butts who got knocked down when he asked the new girl in the office out on a date. I smiled that day.

Photo Credit: SplashNewsOnline

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