Adrianne Curry Bikini Pictures

Adrianne Curry Bikini Pictures Adrianne Curry Bikini Pictures

Hey everyone, check out Peter Brady’s (actor Christopher Knight) wife – Adrianne Curry – looking quite sparkly in a golden bikini and sheer cover up. She’s at some celebrity function looking like the beautiful Top Model that she is/was. When she first came out into light, she looked so homey and plain looking but look at her now. She’s looking more Hollywood and stunning every time I see her. The last I heard, she and Chris were having some marriage problems but since there is no word of a divorce lingering in the headlines, I guess they’ve worked things out. Glad to hear it. I love her bikini and only a girl with a body like hers could pull it off.

Ok, folks, now is the time for me to sign off and let Lance Butts have his way. I finally got back my $20 but it was all wet. I ended up giving it back to him. Ewwwww

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