Jenna Bentley Bikini Pictures

Jenna Bentley Bikini Pictures Jenna Bentley Bikini Pictures

Yeah, it’s the Lance Man back from my wonderful mini vacation. I had the weekend off, then three extra days this week. I’m in heaven, I met this little hottie and we hooked up….but…that’s a story you’ll have to pay to hear….So!

Let’s get on with the Celebrity Bikinis!

I thought I’d start you off with one of my favorite Playmate models Jenna Bentley. She’s looking extra delicious in a halter top bikini that’s really accentuating her well endowedness.

I never get tired of looking at her. I really like her body style, not too skinny or fat, just right. She should give her plastic surgeon a raise because he’s really doing some good work on her. I’m not hating at all.

I’ll give her my CELEBRITY PICK OF THE WEEK! That means she goes into my special file. Next….

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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