Rima Fakih Bikini Pictures

Rima Fakih Bikini Pictures Rima Fakih Bikini Pictures

Here’s more of sexy Miss USA Rima Fakih posing in a hot bikini. One thing that I liked about this girl is how genuinely sweet she is and she’s kind of smart too. When they asked her a question, she didn’t wobble her head and give up some stupid answer.

But the best part about her was when she walked out in that super hot bikini on stage. I think half of the guys fell off their chair. She rocked it with style and sass and attitude like she was a high fashion runway model which is probably what got her the crown.

I hope to see her on tv or something. Put her in a show where all she does is sit around wearing a bikini, that would be one of my favorite shows. I’ll tell my people to call her people…let’s make this happen…..Next…..

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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