Lara Bingle Bikini Pictures

Lara Bingle Bikini Pictures Lara Bingle Bikini Pictures

I’m loving this beautiful multi-colored bikini on model Lara Bingle. She’s fitting it perfectly. Another great thing about her is her body looks totally natural. I don’t know if she has ever had any work done (although it’s most likely) but it doesn’t look like she has. There’s nothing really extra that’s sticking out to me and that’s a good thing for her being a model and all. I like how she’s showing her American spirit with the flag printed paddle. I’ve seen some of her work and she’s a really very beautiful model and I hope she keeps up the great work.

Well, everyone now is the time for me to say farewell for now. Up next is Lance Butts who asked me to loan him $40 so he could take this girl out to dinner. Need I say more. Lol. Have a great weekend everyone!

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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