Hilary Swank Bikini Pictures

Hilary Swank Bikini Pictures Hilary Swank Bikini Pictures

Hello all you celebrity bikini gossip lovers out there in the world!! It’s Jenny Bikini here back to delight you with the hottest celebs in skimpy bikinis!!! I love my job and it’s always a joy to hang out with you and gossip about celebs in bikinis. Today we have Oscar winning actress Hilary Swank looking quite cute in a purple bikini and brown hat. I’ve always adored and wanted her super slim body. It’s just so amazing how she manages to stay slim for all these years. She must be that type of girl who never gains weight. I love her acting and hope to see her in much much more. She’s awesome. Keep up the great work Hilary!

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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