Britney Spears Bikini Pictures

Britney Spears  Bikini Pictures Britney Spears Bikini Pictures

I’m so toxic!!! Yup, it’s the Lance Man back from another wonderful weekend in Miami. It’s the place to be. Although next week I’m hanging with my producer friend, Gino, in Los Angeles. He’s taking me to the hottest clubs and I can’t wait!

So let’s get down to business and gossip about hot celebrities in sexy bikinis. I’m back with pictures of our favorite pop star Britney Spears. I love this girl. In these pictures, Britney is rocking a super hot blue string bikini that’s fitting her perfectly, of course. I like her cute belly button jewelry, it’s so adorable.

Looks like Brit has a cool refreshing drink in her hand and is sporting some really dapper sunglasses to shield her beautiful eyes from the flashing paparazzi lights.

I’m a fan of Brits because she’s a survivor. The press has torn her up and spit her out and she’s still here, she’s a survivor. Not too many singers are still around 1 year later let alone 10 years later and counting. You have to give her some credit.

Photo Credit: Flynet

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