Jwoww Bikini Pictures

Jwoww Bikini Pictures Jwoww Bikini Pictures

Hey everybody check out reality tv star Jwoww hanging out in her sexy bikini/lingerie. She’s one of the stars of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore.

One thing about Jwoww is she likes her bikinis to look like lingerie. I guess so she can kill two birds with one stone. It’s no secret that she’s had chest enhancements done. Not the best job I’ve seen but not the worst either.

I watch the show every week and last week’s show was awesome when she got into a fight with Sam, another girl on the show. Jwoww is a fighter. She doesn’t pick the fights but she will initiate it if she feels you are insulting her or any one of her friends. She’s a tough girl.

Her belly button jewelry consists of a cross. It just looks like it would be a little painful if it were to snag on anything. She’s still hot.

Alright Celebrity Bikini Gossip lovers, it’s time for the Lance Man to dip out of here for a few. I’ll miss our time, I always do. Up next is the “on time” Jenny Bikini. lol…PEACE!!!

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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