Lisa Rinna Bikini Pictures

Lisa Rinna Bikini Pictures Lisa Rinna Bikini Pictures

Hello!! It’s your favorite Celebrity Bikini Gossip reporter Jenny Bikini here to get down and dirty with the hottest gossip in town. I’m so happy to be back and let’s get started! Here’s one of my favorite actresses Lisa Rinna looking super hot in a pink bikini. Everyone gives Lisa a hard time about all of the plastic surgery and botox she’s had. You can kind of see it’s very apparent in her lips. She sort of has the Joker look going on but hey that’s ok. If she wants to make herself look more appealing then that’s her business. Her abs look rock hard and I don’t see any cellulite on her thighs at all and that’s very rare for someone her age (47). Lisa has acknowledged having plastic surgery and using botox and juvéderm; although she remains fond of botox, she has said that using juvéderm was a mistake. I don’t think she should get anymore botox on her face, it’s just distorting it at this point right now. You’re beautiful Lisa so just simple maintenance should be all you should have to do. Don’t let it get out of hand.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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