Denise Milani Bikini Pictures

Denise Milani Bikini Pictures Denise Milani Bikini Pictures

Happy Monday all of you celebrity in bikini lovers! It’s the Lance Man back from another smoking weekend. I’ll give you all the juicy details below.

But let’s start off with these pictures of model/actress Denise Milani posing and looking SMOKING FLAMING HOT. If you don’t know show she is, she’s a Czech model who does some print work mostly. Her name isn’t a household name and I don’t care, just look at her. I don’t even know if she’s married or single so I really can’t talk much smack. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the photos along with you.

As far as my weekend goes, I ended up giving in to Barbie and Bambi’s constant phone calls and texts. Ok, I’m a weak dude, what can I say. They came over to my place Saturday night and just left 10 minutes before I arrived at work. I’m totally exhausted but it’s a good exhausted. The three of us talked and decided that we’d just be bed buddies and that’s ok with me. They tell me they only want me for my body and I can live with that.

Photo Credit: Zimbio

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