Claire Chazel Bikini Pictures

Claire Chazel Bikini Pictures Claire Chazel Bikini Pictures

Hello all of my wonderful celebrity bikini gossip babies!!! It’s so awesome to be back and gossiping with you about sexy celebs. I’m very excited and wanted to tell you all about how my blind date went. I won’t go into too much detail but it went very well. This past weekend I double dated with my girlfriend Kara, her boyfriend Josh and his brother Gerald. Gerald was my date. Gerald was a perfect gentlemen. We just took in dinner at a sushi restaurant around here and we went to see the movie “True Grit” which was very good. I love westerns. Gerald and I got along very well. We have a lot in common and I’ll just say that he took my phone number and he’s already called to set up another date!!!! I’m so excited!!!! Whew! I was so scared but I got through it just fine. I will keep you guys informed on how things go with Gerald. Thanks Kara!! I love you!!

Now, let’s gossip about celebrities in bikinis!!!! Here’s Claire Chazel. She’s a French journalist, romance writer, and director of news at a national television station, TF1. I really admire her because she’s not afraid to show off her bikini body. That’s how the French are anyways. You don’t have to have a super svelte figure to walk around in a bikini. The French are much more liberated about their bodies and I can appreciate that. Keep up the great work Claire.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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