Ali Landry Bikini Pictures

Ali Landry Bikini Pictures Ali Landry Bikini Pictures

Well hello dudes and dudettes! Today we have the lovely Ali Landry cruising around on the beach in a remarkably fabulous white and blue striped bikini. You remember Ali. She used to be the Dorito girl on those Dorito commercials years back.

Doesn’t look like Ali has aged a moment. What’s your secret Ali? Sold your soul to the devil did ya? They say that’s what’s going on around Hollywood for those actresses and actors like (Halle Berry) who don’t seem to age and you know they’re old (like Jennifer Aniston). I mean how can you be 45 but look 25? Ok, take off 10 years, but 20 years? That’s some hella botox going on, let me tell you.

Just take Jennifer Lopez for example. She still looks like she did when she was a Fly Girl on In Living Color. Hmmmm…..I wonder what you actually need to do to sell your soul to the devil?

This calls for some research….

Photo Credit: Bauger-Griffin

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