Chloe Sevigny Bikini Pictures

Chloe Sevigny Bikini Pictures Chloe Sevigny Bikini Pictures

Hello all of my Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!!!!! It’s me Jenny Bikini so eager and ready to get down to the nitty gritty with some hot gossip about celebrities in bikinis! I’ve missed you all so very much!!! Ok, let’s get started with these awesome pictures of American actress Chloe Sevigny all decked out in a cute bikini. She’s enjoying a relaxing day at the beach. I read in an earlier post where Lance Butts mentioned something about celebs always wearing their sunglasses in the water at the beach and I’ve always wondered that too? Don’t they know they’ll fall off or get wet? Anyways..Chloe looks very good and it’s awesome to see her out and about. One thing about her that I love is that her name isn’t plastered all over the tabloids. She’s a good actress, does her job and that’s it. No drama. Keep up the great work Chloe.

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