Paris Hilton Bikini Pictures

Paris Hilton Bikini Pictures Paris Hilton Bikini Pictures

Hello all of my babies!!!!! Happy New Years to you and I hope that you had a safe one. It’s Jenny Bikini here so happy to be back and sharing this wonderful time with you gossiping about celebrities in bikinis!! They don’t call me Jenny Bikini for nothing..LOL.

Let’s start out with these great pictures of my favorite socialite Paris Hilton. Boy, what I wouldn’t give to have her body! Right!! She’s hanging out at the beach with her boyfriend who’s also a hunk hottie. Doesn’t she look fabulous in her colorful bikini and she even has the sunglasses to match. Right now Paris is doing fine and just working on finishing her probation which is coming along perfectly. She can do it and is an inspiration for others who may have legal problems. Just do what you have to do. Keep up the awesome work Paris!!!

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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