Marisa Miller Bikini Pictures

Marisa Miller Bikini Pictures Marisa Miller Bikini Pictures

Hey beautiful peeps!! It’s the Lance Man here to rock your world with these blazing hot pictures of Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Marisa Miller.

As you all know, I love supermodels and I’d like to welcome her to our family. This is Marisa’s first appearance on Celebrity Bikini Gossip and we are so happy to have her appear for our wonderful readers.

From an early age she loved surfing. She says “I feel my absolute best—physically, mentally and spiritually—when I’m surfing every day.” I’d love to go surfing with her – that’s if I could surf but I’m sure she’d be the perfect teacher and I wouldn’t mind her rescuing me from those big waves.

Well dudes, it’s been an awesome week and I’ve been a good boy. I’ve been the perfect gentlemen and haven’t even made a pass at Barbie and Bambie’s younger sister Brittany. Oh boy, it’s hard and I want you to know the sacrifices that I make to stay true. She’s still staying over for the weekend and we’re all going to a bikini party. I hope I can make it through. Until then take care of yourselves and welcome the cute and spunky Miss Jenny Bikini to the floor. PEACE!!!

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