Pamela Anderson Bikini Pictures

Pamela Anderson Bikini Pictures Pamela Anderson Bikini Pictures

Say what you will about Pamela Anderson but you must admit that she looks awesome at 43. She’s one of my favorite celebrity actresses because she’s so much fun. Her personality is adorable. I loved watching her on DWTS. I didn’t know she could dance so well. I would really just love to see her do more TV appearance. Maybe a guest starring role on CSI or Criminal Minds or something like that. She could be a killer. That would be so awesome. Well Pam, we love you so much and keep up the great work. You have tons of fans out there and I’m one of them.

Ok, my babies, it’s time for me to pass you over to Mr. Lance Butts. Thank your Mr. Butts for you compliment the other day. I guess our working relationship has improved over the last few months and I like it. You’re not so bad after all. You still are somewhat of a womanizer but I figure that’s just a part of your personality and you really can’t help it, but you’re still a nice guy. I mean you have two girlfriends who are twins. Not too many guys can say that. So kudos to you! I will miss you all sooooooo much! Hugs and kisses! xoxoxox.. Toodles! JB

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