Tara Reid Bikini Pictures

Tara Reid Bikini Pictures Tara Reid Bikini Pictures

Hi my wonderful babies!! It’s Jenny Bikini here and I wanted to post a gallery of one of my favorite actresses, Tara Reid. I love her so much!! Everyone is always giving her a hard time about her weight and that fact that she’s not really working but I say we all can’t have it all…all of the time. Sometimes you need to take a break and just live your life and spend your money and that’s what Tara is doing. I think she looks great. I hope to see much more of her in the future. Let’s keep our fingers crossed so that maybe Tara will become a guest star on one of those criminal shows or maybe even her own TV show so we can see her every week instead of just once in a while in a movie. We are all behind you 100% Tara and looking forward to your return. You look awesome!

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