Courteney Cox Bikini Pictures

Courteney Cox  Bikini Pictures Courteney Cox Bikini Pictures

New to our Celebrity Bikini Gossip family is the very wonderful Courteney Cox! I love her so much. I’ve been a fan of hers ever since I was a youngster. The very first time I saw her was when she danced in a Bruce Springsteen video way back when. Who knew she would become one of the most famous and recognized celebrities in the world. I love her show Cougar Town. I watch it all of the time and laugh out loud. I can’t wait until her new movie Scream 4 comes out. The best thing about Courteney is that she’s awesome on TV and in movies and that’s double trouble for all of those other actresses out there. I wish her the best with her marriage and sometimes a separation makes it even better when a married couple reunites. Keep up the great work Courteney. You look FABULOUS in your white bikini.

Well the time has come for my least favorite part where I have to turn you guys over to Mr. Lance Butts whose drama filled life has started up all over again. It was so quiet around here lately. “Sigh”…So until I gossip with you, my wonderful babies, again about sexy celebs in hot bikinis, here’s a big hug ((((((()))))) and kisses XoXoXoXo to let you know that I miss you every moment!! Take good care of yourselves!! Toodles!!! JB

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