Karissa Shannon Bikini Pictures

Karissa Shannon Bikini Pictures Karissa Shannon Bikini Pictures

Isn’t Karissa Shannon just lovely? Out of all of the Playboy Playmates, she’s like one of my favorites because she doesn’t go around flaunting her good looks. I can hardly tell her a part from her twin sister Kristina but I do think Karissa is prettier, in my opinion. I’d really like to see her get into some TV acting. She’s young and beautiful so why not capitalize on it. If I looked like her, I’d do everything I could to make some money to build a nice nest egg for myself. So I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed for you Karissa.

Well it’s time for me to turn things back over to Mr. Lance Butts. He’s very popular around the office and sometimes I wish my life was as exciting as it. Although sometimes his life gets a little bit too exciting if you get my drift. Anyways, be good to yourselves and I will miss you sooooo much!!!! I love you all…Smooches!! JB

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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