Gwen Stefani Bikini Pictures

Gwen Stefani Bikini Pictures Gwen Stefani Bikini Pictures

Hello my awesome babies!!!!!!!! Oh I’ve missed you so much! It seems like forever since we’ve been together and I don’t want to waste a moment! Great news!!! I’m Celebrity Bikini Gossips Employee of the Month for May 2011. Isn’t that wonderful?? I’m so honored. It’s my first time and I think it’s because I’m the first one here in the morning and one of the last to leave at night. I’m very dedicated to my job because I love all of my babies!!!! I just want to thank my boss and the employees who voted for me. 🙂 Ok, new to Celebrity Bikini Gossip is my favorite pop singer Gwen Stefani. She’s totally flawless!! After two kids, she looks fabulous. I’d kill for her body. Her music is timeless and I love to listen to it on my way to work. She has the body of a 20 yr old and expect to see her for many years. Keep up the great work Gwen! We love you!

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