Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Pictures

Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Pictures Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Pictures

Hello my wonderful babies!!!!! Oh I’ve missed you sooooo much! Muah!! Muah!! Muah!! Big hugs and kisses to you all. It’s your favorite celebrity reporter Jenny Bikini here to grace you with the hottest pictures of your favorite celebrities in sexy bikinis! I hope your week is going well. It’s almost TGIF and I hope that you have something planned that’s fun and fancy. So, I wanted to start out with these pictures of one of the most sought after Hollywood actresses today – Miss Michelle Rodriguez! She’s currently starring in the hit movie Fast and Furious 5. Michelle keeps very busy. She’s been in a lot of movies that you wouldn’t expect most women to be in. She can play pretty and she can play tough which is what I really like about her. In these pictures, she’s wearing a hot black bikini and for some reason she’s holding her chest. Maybe she’s just admiring herself. Lol. Well no matter what it is, we love you Michelle! Keep up the great work and looking forward to your next movie.

Photo Credit: Fame

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