Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures

Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures

Michelle Hunziker’s pink bikini is fabulous. This Swedish bikini model and International celebrity really knows how to look great snorkeling in the ocean. It’s like she’s “model ready” the way that she throws her head back and shakes her hair. Well she has flawless features and I guess that really helps when you’re a model. Michelle is very busy doing charity work and we’re always happy to showcase her photos here on Celebrity Bikini Gossip. We missed you Michelle and glad you’re back out and about in your great taste in bikinis.

Oh how time passes when you’re having a great time. It’s time to pass this party train over to Mr. Lance Butts who isn’t looking as chipper or happy around the office as he was in the earlier weeks. Maybe something is up? Who knows…I always get the office news after the fact..lol…Take care of yourself everyone and I am counting the moments until we can be together again!!! Toodles!! JB

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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