Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pictures

Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pictures Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey!! Yeah it’s the Lance Man back to groove with you with the HOTTEST pictures of your FAVORITE celebrities!! I’m just ready to get this weekend started! Tony Fish and I have a date with destiny. A few girls that we met last weekend at my celebrity dude’s friends secret party are throwing an all girl’s pool party and we’re crashing it. Yeah!!!

Ok, she’s not a MILF yet but you can just take of the “M” and that’s how I feel about Jennifer Aniston. She looks just like she did when she was on that TV show where she lived in that crowded apartment with her friends. After Brad left her, I kinda felt sorry for the girl but looks like she’s probably making more money than him. Every time I turn around, she’s in a new movie and it’s a hit. Go Jen! Call me!

It’s about that time and the Lance Man is partying for the weekend. See you soon and hope yours is as smoking as mine is going to be. I’ll fill you in on all the details when I get back!

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