Ashley Tisdale Bikini Pictures

Ashley Tisdale Bikini Pictures Ashley Tisdale Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey!! Oh yes, it’s the Lance Man back from a wild and wacky weekend with my buddies Tony Fish and Vinnie Lasagne. And yes, it’s true, I have a female stalker. She’s some girl we met at a club in Miami. How did I get this stray? Oh well, I’ll keep you posted.

Anyways, let’s get started with some awesome new pictures of Ashley Tisdale walking along the beach and talking on her cell phone wearing an awesome blue bikini that fits her perfectly. No, it’s not me that she’s talking to but I wish it were. She’s accompanied by another cutie in a yellow bikini but we don’t know her name. Ashley looks like she’s lost even more weight although it looks great on her. It’s so much pressure in Hollywood to stay thin although her friend in the yellow bikini doesn’t look like she’s under any pressure.

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