Kirsten Dunst Bikini Pictures

Kirsten Dunst  Bikini Pictures Kirsten Dunst  Bikini Pictures

OMG, I just love Kirsten Dunst. She’s one of my favorite movie stars in the entire world. In these photos, Kirsten looks fabulous in a jet black bikini. It looks so great against her skin tone. I really like to see her out and about enjoying her life because it’s hard for some movie stars because they’re always mobbed by fans. Keep up the great work Kirsten and so looking forward to your next movie.

Ok, my lovely babies, it’s time for Jenny Bikini to pass this over to Mr. Lance Butts who is still single. I’m having such a wonderful time with Gerald (my boyfriend). He’s respectful, sweet and always surprises me with little gifts. I don’t hear Lance Butts ever doing that to any of the women he meets. Anyways, please be good to yourself and remember that Jenny Bikini loves you!! Toodles!! Smooches!! JB

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