Sofia Vergara Bikini Pictures

Sofia Vergara Bikini Pictures Sofia Vergara Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey! It’s the Lance Man here to rock your world with awesome pictures of your favorite celebrities in blazing hot bikinis. Oh, Jenny Bikini, my buddy’s names are Tony Fish and Vinnie Lasagne (not tomatoe sauce), fyi, ok? Is all that love mush going to your head?

Now, the only reason why I watch Modern Family is because of Sofia Vergara. I don’t even understand half of what she’s saying but who cares when you can look at a body like that for an hour. Here she’s looking delish in a green bikini. I’d love to rub lotion all over her back and even grab her a refreshing drink. Anything she wanted me to do, I’d do it.

Alright, it’s the weekend again and this time Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and I are taking a private jet down to Rio (yes Brazil) to meet these girls that we met at a club last week. They’re flying us all down. That’s the kind of women I like. So don’t wait up!!

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