Danica Patrick Bikini Pictures

Danica Patrick Bikini Pictures Danica Patrick Bikini Pictures

It’s always a pleasure to post pictures of Danica Patrick. In this gallery she looks “wow” in a black and white striped bikini that fits her perfectly. She looks like she’s the type of gal that’s athletic which is always a plus in my book. Hey Danica, call me and maybe we can get together with my buddy Vinnie Lasagne and one of your girlfriends. We like hanging out at the beach too.

Ok, still recovering from this past weekend and our plans for this weekend is to fly back down to Mexico and retrace our steps! All I can remember from last weekend was a donkey, tequila and dirt. Our hotel room was totally trashed but we can’t remember doing it! Oh well, the life of a bachelor. And, happy to hear about Jenny Bikini’s engagement, lucky girl, hope it lasts longer than the average Hollywood engagement which is about 3.4 months. Until next time, don’t bring home any strays and PEACE!!!

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