Stephanie Seymour Bikini Pictures

Stephanie Seymour Bikini Pictures Stephanie Seymour Bikini Pictures

More much slimmer now than she was when we featured her in April of this year is the very lovely Stephanie Seymour. She’s wearing a very awesome cream colored bikini and you can tell that she’s been spending time with her trainer. Her abs are super flat and more defined than before and we’re so happy for her. See, it doesn’t take long to shape up once you put your mind to it. Keep up the great work Stephanie and looking forward to seeing more pictures of you in sexy bikinis now that you’ve slimmed down.

Alright, my wonderful Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies. The next time we meet it will be 2012!! I want to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed our year together. I always look forward to posting about your favorite celebrities in bikinis but more, I really enjoy sharing my life with you. Gerald wanted me to tell you “Hi”. I hope that 2012 will be a prosperous and happy new year for you. So, until then, HAPPY NEW YEARS and remember that Jenny Bikini loves you!!! Toodles!! Smooches!! JB

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