Mischa Barton Bikini Pictures

Mischa Barton Bikini Pictures Mischa Barton Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey!! Yes it’s the Lance Man always ready to move and groove you with the hottest pictures of your favorite celebrities in sexy bikinis!!! Back from a relaxing weekend with my buddies Tony Fish and Vinnie Lasagne. We just basically hung out locally, although we did hook up with these cool babes at a club and sorry but Vinnie did bring home a stray. He’s paying for it now. Lol

Where is she now? That’s what I was just thinking about the cute and cuddly Mischa Barton. For a while Mischa was getting lots of bad press but it seems that she’s doing much better. She looks rather plan but cute in a polka dot bikini top. I wish we could see her in the entire bikini but maybe that’s asking for too much! Oh well, I’ll keep wishing.

Photo Credit: WENN

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