Maria Menounos Bikini Pictures

Maria Menounos Bikini Pictures Maria Menounos Bikini Pictures

Happy Valentine’s Day and to celebrate, we’re posing awesome pictures of hot MTV veejay Maria Menounos in a marvelous bikini. I’ve had a crush on her for years. She still looks like she did when she first started out which is basically naturally beautiful. In these photos she’s standing next to Mario Lopez (lucky guy) on his TV show “Extra” and making an announcement in a super lovely red, white and blue sparkling bikini. What I like best about Maria is that she doesn’t look like she’s had a bunch of botox or work done on her face. You can’t tell at all. Good for her!!

Ok, dudes and dudettes, it’s time to pass you over to the prim and proper Jenny Bikini who goes around the office singing about how much she’s in love. Must be nice! Ok, until see meet again, be good and don’t do anything that me and my buddies would do. Most of all “Don’t bring home any strays!”…PEACE!

Photo Credit: WENN

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