Kate Upton Bikini Pictures

Kate Upton Bikini Pictures Kate Upton Bikini Pictures

Back by crazy popular demand and because we received so much feedback from her pictures posted on Wednesday are more pictures of the very lovely 19 yr old supermodel Kate Upton! This time Kate is sporting curves in a black and a pink bikini. Again, my head is going back and forth and I dare not pick a favorite because I’m loving them both! Her bikini fashion is flawless and not only because she looks great in a bikini but because you can’t stop looking at her unless you tear your eyes away. Now that’s a true bikini model. Go Kate!!

So..dudes and dudettes, I suppose Jenny Bikini is sipping champagne on her cruise with her fiance and I’m happy for her. No worries, yes, I’m single and I think it’s better this way. I get into far much trouble whenever I have a girlfriend. So me, Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead are going to hang out this weekend to show Pauly what Florida girls have to offer. We’re really stressing our motto to him to NOT bring home any strays. No exceptions!! Ok, have a great weekend and get ready for a spunky Jenny Bikini on Monday!! PEACE!!

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