Rita Rustc Bikini Pictures

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures

Hello my awesome Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!!! It’s Jenny Bikini here back from an awesome weekend with my boyfriend Gerald. Guess what? Because I miss you so much, we’ve changed our rotation so that each reporter gets to report for an entire week!!! So I will grace you with pictures of your favorite celebs all week long and then Mr. Lance Butts will grace you all week next week and so on. It’s so we can each have a week to find the hottest pics of your favorite celebs. Plus I get an entire week to spend with my babies!! I’m so excited!!!

I wanted to start this week off with awesome pictures of Rita Rusic showcasing her fabulous bikini body in a blue bikini. You really have to admit that her bikini fashion is right on point. I love the way that she chooses colors that best match her tanned skin tone and it looks like she likes the sun. Keep up the great work Rita!!! I’m one of your biggest fans.

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