Melissa Satta Bikini Pictures

Melissa Satta Bikini Pictures Melissa Satta Bikini Pictures

Hello my awesome, fabulous and darling Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!! It’s me, Jenny Bikini, back from an fantastic week of hunting for the sexiest celebrities in super hot bikinis!! I’ve missed you all so very much and am excited about this week’s photos. First I want to say that my boyfriend Gerald and I are getting so close. Since he’s proposed, he’s been extra sweet and I’m loving every moment of it. Love is grand!! Ok, I’m very delighted to bring back more pictures of Melissa Satta. We’ve featured her before on CBG and it’s such a pleasure to have her back. In these pictures, Melissa Satta sparks our interest in a neon green bikini bikini. Her hair is drenched so we can assum that she’s just enjoyed a refreshing dip in the ocean. Her smile is outstanding and I’m so loving the cute star tattoos.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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