Nicole Scherzinger Bikini Pictures

Nicole Scherzinger Bikini Pictures Nicole Scherzinger Bikini Pictures

Always looking perfect and beautiful is the lead singer of the pop sensation group The Pussycat Dolls – Nicole Scherzinger. I’ve followed her career ever since she was on the reality competition show Pop Stars and sang with the girl group Eden’s Crush. She’s one of my favorite singers and she’s such a sweetheart. Nicole loves the beach and she loves to surf as you can see by her fabulous board riding skills in Mexico. Her bikini fashion is astonishing and always fashion forward. She looks absolutely divine in a black and white checkered bikini and an Oakley striped top that really enhances her slender figure. We love you Nicole!! Can’t wait for new music from you and congrats on becoming a judge on the UK X-Factor.

Time passes so fast when we’re having fun and I’m going to miss you my babies. I will hand you gently over to Mr. Lance Butts who thinks I’m over energetic but I know he’s just jealous. He’s so worried about my life when he should concentrate on finding a girlfriend but that would cramp his style. I would try to set him up with one of my girlfriends but I don’t want her to de-friend me after dating him. Oh well, he can find his own at the strip clubs he frequents. So, I’m going to count the days until we are together again and until then, please take care of yourselves and remember that Jenny Bikini LOVES YOU!! Toodles!!! Smooches!!!

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